The Best Aquarium Hoods in 2021 | Buying Guide and Reviews

by Carl Crane | Updated: April 30, 2021

Keeping fish as pets is one great hobby that doesn’t demand too much from you.

Just like all pets, they have their basic needs which include food, good shelter, and a healthy environment.

It doesn’t just end with getting a tank, filling it with water and providing food.

Having a healthy fish goes way beyond that and you need to dedicate your time and money to do things right.

In ensuring that your fish stays safe, you will need to use aquarium hoods amongst other devices and kits in your aquarium.

Fish are not just dormant or slow creatures. They love to play and you will see that they jump out of the water frequently.

Doing this would often have them landing on the floor away from the water leaving them defenseless and prone to accidents.

A good way to prevent this would be to use a hood that restricts their upwards movement and ensuring they are safe in their tank.

Apart from the use of a hood to prevent your fish from falling out of the water, it also prevents the entrance of dirt into the water and keeps the kids out also.

Fish are adorable and kids love to play with them. Your pet fish could get harmed in the process and so to effectively keep the hands of children away from your delicate pet, the use of a hood is important.

There are a whole lot of aquarium hoods available for you to choose from, but not all of them possess the right properties a good hood should have.

That is why we are here, to introduce you to the best aquarium hoods in the market and guide you on making the right choices each time.

We Recommend

After seeing numerous aquariums, we have a pretty solid idea of what characteristics make the best aquarium hood, and the Tetra LED Aquarium Hood it’s our top choice.

Complete Guide for Best Aquarium Hoods

Every pet owner feels responsible for the safety of their pet and that is why no stones are left unturned to ensure your pet is safe even in your absence.

Some freshwater fish like the guppy fish are known to jump a lot out of the water and this often has fatal consequences.

They could be jumping out only to end up as dinner to another pet, or be trampled on by accident. An aquarium hood will prevent such incidences and leave you with a peaceful mind knowing your pet is safe.

Apart from being a very efficient obstacle to stop your fish from jumping out, it keeps children away from having direct contact with your fish as they could hurt your fish without even knowing.

It also saves your fish from the attack of other household pets like cats.

A hood goes further to reduce the rate of evaporation and heat loss from your aquarium, allowing the effects of the installed heater to be better felt.

Some hoods come with lights installed or provisions for you to install lights. Imagine the view of your aquarium at night.

This can be made possible and conveniently with the use of the right hood too.

The 5 Top-Rated Aquarium Hoods

Editor’s Picks



Top Pick

Tetra LED Aquarium Hood


Runner Up

Aqueon Aquarium Black Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood


Best Budget Buy

Aqueon Aquarium AAG29020 Versa Top 


Best All Glass Aquarium Hood

All Glass Aquarium AAG20009 Inc Economy Hood


Best Day & Night Light Hood

Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums


*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

The Best Aquarium Hoods

1. Tetra LED Aquarium Hood

First on our list of best aquarium hoods is this Tetra LED Aquarium Hood.

It is available in four different sizes so that you can find something that fits your aquarium no matter how large or small it is.

A particularly beautiful feature of this hood is the fact that it comes with lights that can allow you to have a good view of your fish at night.

The lights mimic daylight and so you can use it to maintain the normal day time and night time cycle inside the tank.

You do not have to worry about having to spend more on electricity bills because of the light as they are energy saving.

Here is a product that does its job as well as leaves your aquarium looking sleek.

The holes at the back serve as a means for the attachment of equipment like filters.

For hoods of 20 inches and larger, you have hinges attached so that you can easily open and close it as you attend to the needs of your fish and aquarium.

Bear in mind that the lights are not permanently fixed and so if you have the need to change them to that which suits you, it is very easy to do so.



2. Aqueon Aquarium AAG29020 Versa Top

If you are looking to get a glass aquarium hood that can adequately prevent evaporation and your fish jumping out of the water, then your choice of Aqueon

Aquarium Versa top would be a great one. Its ease of installation plus the hinge makes it a dream come true as you will have no problem with this product from the installation down to opening it to attend to your fish.

Adding this tank component to your aquarium doesn’t stop you from having other important equipment like filters and heaters installed.

There is a vinyl strip from this hood that is attached to the back of your aquarium and you can cut it if there is a need to make more room for equipment.



3. Aqueon Aquarium Black Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood

Next on our list is this Aqueon Aquarium Fluorescent Deluxe Hood. It is designed to fit a good number of aquariums and will sit at the top of your aquarium securely without falling off.

It comes with a fluorescent lamp and a splash guard to protect the light from the water.

So you can safely install this and not have to worry about the effects of water on the fluorescent tube.

With this hood, you will have minimum evaporation for the maximum efficiency of your heater to be maintained, and limited movement of your fish in the upward direction.

You do not open the whole hood itself as it is attached firmly to your tank. Instead, you can access your tank through the opening on the hood which also has a lid.



4. All Glass Aquarium AAG20009 Inc Economy Hood

This hood comes with incandescent lights attached to it to allow you to see your pet fish in the beauty of the night.

You have no problem having it fit on your aquarium no matter the brand as long as it is of the same size.

It also has provisions for attachment of your aquarium equipment like filters and heater. Made of good quality plastic, you will see that it is durable and will serve you well.

As you make your order, include bulbs also as it only has provisions for bulbs but doesn’t come with them.

The type of bulbs compatible with this hood are incandescent bulbs and they cause temperature rise, so be sure it would have no effect on your fish.

You would enjoy longer usage if you use this product with freshwater tanks as it will maintain the integrity of the metal casing your bulbs screw into.



5. Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums

We will end this product review with Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums.

You have three size choices to choose from and it fits into standard tanks that are available in the market, so you do not have to worry about compatibility.

A very good and probably the best feature of this hood is the lighting and its settings for day time and night time.

You can give your fish the best of both cycles comfortably. It also has hinges so having access to the inside of the aquarium is not a problem.

Just as is expected of standard and good aquarium hoods, it has cut-outs so that you can easily install the equipment your tank needs to be perfect for your fish.



Things to Look Out For In a Good Aquarium Hood

There are different types of hoods available in the market and it can get confusing to make a choice from the lot.

As there are different types of aquaria, so also are there different hoods for each and depending on what you want, you need to make the right choice to give you satisfaction.

As you go into the store to make a purchase, there are a lot of factors to consider that will help you in making the perfect purchase for your pet and aquarium and there are:

Size of Tank

The first thing that should come to your mind when you are considering a hood is the size of your tank.

The whole idea is to have a covering that sits on your tank perfectly and this purpose will be defeated if the hood is too small or too big for your tank.

It is often misleading to purchase a hood with the capacity of your tank in mind. 

Similar capacities could have different dimensions and so the best practice is to measure the dimensions of your tank and choose a hood that is a perfect fit.

Hood Material

Hood material could either be glass or plastic and it depends on your budget and preference to make a choice from amongst the two.

If you have a large budget and are aiming for an elegant appearance and a functional component of your aquarium, then you should opt for glass.

Glass is very transparent and will prevent your fish from escaping. It also maintains the water level for long as glass will prevent evaporation from the aquarium effectively.

Furthermore, since glass is transparent, you can install the tank lights above and still have it reaching into the water. This act alone will increase the lifespan of your bulbs.

Presence of Hinges

With the inclusion of a hood to your aquarium, direct access will be taken away.

This will make feeding your fish and maintaining the water difficult and so to make sure all processes remain easy, you need to be sure the hood you choose comes with hinges.

Hinges give you access to the aquarium by just opening and closing when you are done. Without hinges, you will have to take the hood away each time you have something to do in the aquarium and it can be really inconveniencing.

Commonly Asked Questions About Aquarium Hoods

Q: Do Aquariums Need Hoods?

Yes, your aquarium needs a hood if you want to ensure the safety of your fish. The aquarium hood helps keep your fish inside as fish always jump and try to leave the tank. The hood also prevents evaporation, saving you from the need for frequent refills.

Q: Which Is Better Between A Glass Aquarium And An Acrylic Aquarium?

There is no much difference between the two types of aquarium except the materials from which they are made. 

A glass aquarium is also way heavier than an acrylic one and so you can easily move your tank around even if there is water inside.

Q: Should My Fish Tank Be Covered At Night?

Fish need a regulated day time and night time so it is good to cover your fish tank to help maintain this cycle. Another reason why you need to cover your fish tank is to prevent them from escaping as they could jump off and get lost or harmed.

Q: Are LED Lights Good For Fish?

LED lights are good for your fish because they consume low power and allow you to save more. They also do not heat up the water and they last for longer periods. LED lights are generally suited for a variety of fish and aquarium plants.


And here you have it, the best aquarium hoods you can find. We have narrowed down your search to these top 5 products so that it will be easier to make a choice from here and take proper care of your fish.

If you are still confused on the choice to make, may we then recommend Tetra LED Aquarium HoodIt has LED lights to illuminate your tank and also has openings to help in the installation of tank equipment.

Another great choice is Aqueon Aquarium AAG29020 Versa Top. It is very easy to install and has a hinged design to make opening and closing very easy. 

All products here are good and promise great value for your money. So take a pick and care for your pet fish properly.

Carl, the reptile-obsessed creator of this website, got his first turtle years ago and he made a ton of mistakes along the way. His goal now with TheCritterCove is simple: help others to not make the same mistakes that he did!