The Best Aquarium Stands In 2021 | Buying Guide and Reviews

by Carl Crane | Updated: April 11, 2021

The purchase and setting up of your aquarium are only a part of the troubles you will have to face to make a perfect home for your fish.

Where you place your aquarium is another important decision you will have to make and this is because the stand you choose will go a long way to ensuring it stays safe and looks beautiful.

Apart from providing support, it will help prevent the occurrence of accidents in your tank.

The wrong choice can end up causing inconveniences to you or worse, get your aquarium destroyed and that is why we have this article here to guide you on the best choices of aquarium stands you can find.

The tank you choose should be able to completely support your aquarium. It should be strong enough and sturdy to bear the weight of the gallon capacity of the aquarium.

A tank that is bow-shaped won’t do well on a stand that is made for the rectangular-shaped tank and so you need to have the design of your tank in mind before making a purchase.

The right choice of an aquarium stand only comes after careful consideration of your tank’s shape, size, and weight.

Making a random choice without first considering these will endanger the lives of your fish and other pets inside.

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After seeing numerous aquarium stands, we have a pretty solid idea of what features make the best aquarium stand, and the Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand it’s our top choice.

Complete Guide for Best Aquarium Stands

Yes, it is very impractical and wrong on various levels to place your aquarium directly on the floor.

It could either fall off, more easily get destroyed by accident, and your interaction with your fish will be an uncomfortable one as they will be all the way down while you will be all the way up.

It is necessary that you use an aquarium stand with your aquarium because of the good support they give.

With this in mind, it is important that as you purchase a stand, you go for that which can bear the weight of the entire length and width of your aquarium.

Buying a stand that was not made for the capacity of your aquarium will give way due to the weight and have your aquarium destroyed.

A heavier tank will definitely require more support and you can get this by using a solid and durable stand.

Apart from the purpose of providing support for your aquarium, the use of a stand also adds to the beauty of the entire set up.

The use of an aquarium, a stand and an exotic mix of fish are a nice way to make your home more soothing as it all has a way of changing the air in your home, making it fresher and brighter.

Types of Aquarium Stands

Standard Aquarium Stand

Standard Aquarium Stands are also called big store stands because you find them generally in big pet shops and also in online shops.

They are normally constructed using medium-density fiber and particleboard making them pocket-friendly.

You could use this stand with a freshwater aquarium or a no-sump aquarium, but if used with a saltwater aquarium, it will depreciate faster.

DIY Aquarium Stand

Not everyone goes for the option of purchasing an aquarium. Some choose to make one by themselves and if you fall into that category, DIY Aquarium Stand is the type you have.

If you are good at carpentry or metalwork, then it will be cheaper for you to build a stand yourself. All you have to do is look for the procedure for making one.

Brand Name Aquarium Stand

Brand name aquarium stands are constructed by high-end brands that specialize in this type of job for hobbyists.

You can find these types of stands in all-in-one aquarium setups.

Common materials used in the construction of this stand are metal or wood and as they are part of a set, its specifications are perfect for the tank and suit the hobbyist’s needs pretty well.

Custom Built Aquarium Stand

These categories of aquarium stands are usually the most expensive and are constructed by high-end companies that specialize in custom made jobs.

These stands sometimes have shelves and cabinet doors to cater to whatever storage and additional designs you may need.

Materials used for this construction are of metal or wood of top quality.

Materials for Construction of Aquarium Stands

Materials used for the construction of aquarium stands are diverse and all depends on what you want.


Plywood is a material that is commonly used in the construction of standard aquarium stands.

You will find it used in expensive stands from top brands, and is also a common material for DIY stands.

Properties that make it ideal for use in the construction of aquarium stands are its sturdy nature and resistance to being damaged by water.

Its integrity can be further elongated with the use of a seal or paint so that it can withstand longer periods of usage.

MDF/Particle Board

When it comes to tank stand construction with the use of wood, the cheapest material you can use is MDF/particle board and it is ideal for those who are on a tight budget.

It is a common material for the construction of stands that are imported or store chain brand stands.

Its downside, however, is its inability to interact with saltwater due to the humidity. If you wish to construct your own stand, using this material will really save costs.


Metal is the perfect material for use in the construction of stands meant for bigger tanks.

This is because of its structural strength and ability to withstand the weight of your tank. Some brands make use of metal and wood in combination to make custom stands.

Its structural strength also makes it possible to have the stand more open so you can have better access to storage in your tank.

The most common types of metal used in this construction are stainless steel and aluminum.

How to Care For Your Tank Stand

Caring for and cleaning your tank stand is a very easy job and requires no special procedure.

All you need to do is use a clean cloth and wipe it from time to time. You can also use furniture polish to maintain its glossy appearance.

Your purchase of a water-resistant stand will help in keeping it in good condition for longer periods and you can improve its water resistance with the use of a sealant or silicon before you use it.

The 5 Top-Rated Aquarium Stands

Editor’s Picks



Top Pick

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand 20 By 10 Inch


Runner Up

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand 29 Gallons


Best 10 gallon Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand 10 Gallon


Best Aquarium Wood Stand

Ameriwood Aquarium Stand


Best Aquarium Cabinet Stand

Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand


*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Best Aquarium Stands

1. Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand 20 By 10 Inch

Size: 28.2″ x 16.2″ x 5″ | Weight: 15 pounds | Material: Steel and wood

First on our list of best aquarium stands is this Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand.

It is made with metal as the construction material and has pegs on the top shelf to help keep your tank in position and prevent it from shifting out of place. 

This feature lets you know that this product has what it takes to keep your aquarium safe and steady.

A downside to the use of this stand, however, is that it can only be used with glass tanks that have plastic frames on the base.

As is a rule of thumb, choose only the tank stand that is fit for your tank. Using this stand with a tank of different designs from the specifications or with a tank of a different size than that meant it will cause problems in the future.

Everything about this product speaks of quality and class. From its design, and build you are sure that you are getting great value for your money.

It is also the perfect product for you if you have limited space for your tank. You can use this stand even if your floor is made of hardwood as it will not cause any damage.



2. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand 29 Gallons

Size: 30″ x 12.5″ x 29.5″ | Weight: 12 pounds | Material: Solid Steel

This Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand is a good example of cheap tank stands that are of good quality nonetheless.

You should go for this if you are on a budget as it promises quality. It can hold tanks of up to 29 gallons and its ease of assembly is truly an attractive feature.

With this product, the problem of mounting your stand in a room of uneven floors is nothing to worry about.

This is because its feet are adjustable and so you can level the stand to be balanced.

Apart from being a stand for aquariums, you can also use it to hold terrariums for your reptiles.

It doesn’t just provide your tank with support, but also adds to the beauty of your entire set up. Truly worth every penny.



3. Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand 10 Gallon

Size: 29″ x 12″ x 4″ | Weight: 10 pounds | Material: Steel

The Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand is a perfect accompaniment for your tank as it makes your aquarium look more beautiful and fascinating to behold.

You can have this at home or at your workplace and it is sure to change the look and design of the entire room. You will have no issue setting it up as it is pretty easy to assemble.

Despite this, ensure that the holes for the V-shaped stabilizing rods are secured. After assembling you will notice however that it doesn’t have a storage bottom shelf.

Built with only the strongest and durable quality materials, you can use it perfectly with a tank of capacity 10 gallons. It will carry your tank properly and last for a long time.



4. Ameriwood Aquarium Stand

Size: 15.7″ x 25″ x 28″ Weight: 42 pounds | Material: Wood

This product serves as a multifunctional stand for your fish tank as it can hold up to 10 gallons on one side, and hold up to 20 gallons on the other side.

You should note however that this stand is for tanks that are wide enough to fill the shelf for even distribution of weight and balance.

Unlike the other tank stands being reviewed here, you may spend some time assembling this one.

It comes with detailed instructions on how to go about the assembly though so that’s a great help from the manufacturers.



5. Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Size: 15.7″ x 31.6″ x 30.1″ | Weight: 50 pounds | Material: Wood

We will call it a wrap with this Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide Stand. It is designed as a big shelf and cupboard with two doors for you to store all your fish equipment and food.

The open compartments are for storage of things you want to display to add beauty to the whole structure. So it serves both as a tank stand and a storage unit.

Just like everything else, you need to do everything right to get the most out of this product and that involves proper assemble. You may not easily put it together at first but getting it right will pay off.



Things to Look Out For In a Good Aquarium Stand

Buying a good aquarium stand is not just something you do by walking into the store and picking any random product you set your eyes on.

There are a few considerations you must first call to mind before making a choice so that you are sure you are making the right choice.

So when you are shopping for a stand, keep the following factors in mind:

Material Used For the Construction

The commonly used materials for the construction of an aquarium stand are MDF, metal, and plywood.

The material you choose should be dependent on your fish tank.

If the size of your aquarium is small, then you can make use of an MDF stand as they are less expensive and can support the weight of the tank properly.

Plywood is the right choice for medium-sized tanks as there are also cheap and can support the weight of your medium-sized tank.

For large aquariums holding a large volume of water, the best option to go for is a stand of metal.

Metals are the most durable and sturdy of all three materials and can adequately support the weight of your large tank for a long period of time.

The type of aquarium you have is also important in making a choice.

If you have a saltwater aquarium, then it will be wise that you make use of metal stands even if your tank is of small size as wood of any kind is not compatible with humidity and will deteriorate over time.

Storage Space

In caring for your fish and maintaining your aquarium, you will need some equipment.

This equipment would best be stored within the stand for better accessibility and a more orderly arrangement.

So it is better to buy a stand that has provisions for the storage of your equipment and fish food.

You will also have the need to install some devices in your aquarium to help keep it beautiful and healthy.

So go for stands that have holes in the back to allow you to feed your wires in neatly.

Height of Stand

The height of your aquarium will greatly affect how you admire the setup and interact with your fish.

Before making a choice on the height you need, you have to ask yourself how you would prefer to view your aquarium. Would you do it mostly standing or mostly sitting?

Having made a choice, you can now go for the height that supports your view best. If you would want to view your aquarium while standing mostly, the ideal stand height should be at about 36 inches.

But if you want your aquarium to be admired from a sofa or any other kind of seats in your home, go for a tank stand height of fewer than 30 inches.

Ease of Setup

This is a particularly important point to take into account when making a purchase especially if you are a beginner hobbyist.

Setting up the stand is not just a walk in the park and some stands are easier to assemble together than others. So when making a purchase, be sure to check that it has detailed instructions and is easy to assemble.

The Shape of Your Aquarium

The shape of your aquarium is an important consideration to be made when buying a stand for your aquarium.

This is because different stands are best suited for different shapes of tanks.

Some are best used with rectangular tanks, while others are made to provide support for tanks with bow-shaped fronts.

Choosing the right stand is the only way you can be sure of providing good support for your tank.

Commonly Asked Questions About Aquarium Stands

Q: How High Should An Aquarium Stand Be?

Since standard aquarium stands are built so the aquarium can be viewed while sitting, the heights are usually less than 30 inches.

Higher-end aquarium stands are usually taller and go from 30 inches to 36 inches.

Q: Can My Floor Support A 55 Gallon Aquarium?

A 55-gallon aquarium is not a reason for concern at all. Floors can handle tanks with a capacity of up to 125 gallons as long as it is free from any defects in the structural integrity.

Q: Do I Need An Aquarium Stand?

Yes, you need an aquarium stand. Even though some aquarium designs can be placed on top of a piece of furniture and it will look just fine, an aquarium stand will further beautify the whole setup and is the surest way to know your tank is getting  good enough support.


Deciding to keep a fish pet in an aquarium is one thing, and actually providing support and beautifying the aquarium is another thing.

With an aquarium stand, you are sure that your tank is fully supported and that your aquarium will add beauty to your room.

There are a lot of choices to be made when it comes to stands and it can get quite confusing, so we will offer some suggestions for you. Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand is a great choice.

It is easy to set up and can hold two tanks of appropriate sizes at the same time. Another great choice for you is Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand.

It has a sleek design and sturdy construction that adds beauty to the entire setup and provides good support to your aquarium for a long time.

No matter the choice you make, you can be sure that you will get something beautiful and durable.

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