The Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure in 2020 | Buying Guide and Reviews

by Carl Crane | Last Updated: August 21, 2020
Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pets kept and just like every other pet, their care is an important aspect of their health.

A healthy and properly cared for a bearded dragon can live for a very long time. Caring for your pet doesn’t just end with providing the right food, or substrate, or lighting.

It goes beyond that and the environment greatly influences their health and wellbeing.

And so with these best bearded dragon enclosures, you are sure to provide the perfect environment for your pet.

Bearded dragons naturally dwell in hot and dry areas and so your goal should be to replicate this environment so that they can survive easily and stay healthy.

As bearded dragons are popular, a lot of enclosures and other necessities are available in the market for you to choose from.

Making the right choice can be difficult as the number of products will overwhelm you and that is why we have this article to guide you on the best products you can choose.

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After seeing various bearded dragon enclosures, we have a pretty reliable idea of what qualities make the best bearded dragon enclosures, and the Exo Terra Outback Terrarium it’s our prime selection.

Materials for Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Glass Tanks

Glass is a common material used in the construction of bearded dragon enclosures. It is not the perfect type of construction as the sizes are usually small and lack of airflow is common.

Such a condition in combination with humidity and high temperatures makes your pet susceptible to respiratory diseases amongst other illnesses.

Melamine Enclosures

These enclosures are made out of melamine board and their disadvantage is the ease at which the wood gets warped.

This occurs if moisture compromises the layer between the wood finish and the wood itself.

You can avoid this by sealing off all edges and making sure moisture doesn’t get in.

If properly sealed and moisture has no way of getting in, the melamine enclosures are great choices as they allow your pet to have more room and there is enough ventilation too.

Using aquarium grade silicon as the sealant is perfect and it shuts out corners for unwanted pathogens to grow in.

If you want to purchase already made enclosures of this kind, you will see that they do not come in large sizes.

But you can build yours by yourself to your taste very easily by purchasing the panels at the hardware store.

You can alternatively purchase a kit pantry cupboard from the hardware store and convert it into an enclosure for your bearded dragon by adding Perspex or doors.

If you are in an area of a hot climate, then one door made of wire can be used to allow for maximum ventilation.

But if you are in a cold-weather environment, a Perspex door would do. When using a wire for the door, make sure that it is not sharp as your pet dragon would love to climb and may get injured.

You can also purchase vents from the hardware store and install them if the ones you have from your already made enclosure isn’t enough.


The design and function of these types of enclosures are very similar to those of melamine enclosures but the difference is the weight.

Enclosures of PVC are lighter and more expensive due to the material used in their construction.

So this is probably not a good choice for you if your budget is tight. Its weight makes it a very mobile unit as you can take your bearded dragon around.

Using ABS plastic enclosure comes with no residual plastic odor that is mostly found when PVC is used, while PVC makes cleaning very easy but restricts the amount of ventilation that gets into the cage.

When making a choice between these two materials, careful considerations should be made to choose the best for you.

Vision Cage

Vision cages are usually expensive and come in small sizes. There are however constructed in a professional way and you will mostly find them being used by those who breed bearded dragons.

Features of a Good Bearded Dragon Cage

The 5 Top-Rated Bearded Dragon Enclosures

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Top Pick

Exo Terra Outback Terrarium


Runner Up

Carolina Custom Cages Extra Long Terrarium


Best Budget Buy

Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium


Best Largest Berdie Terrarium

Carolina Custom Cages Large Terrarium


Best Glass Terrarium

Repti Zoo Reptile Glass Terrarium


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Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure

1. Exo Terra Outback Terrarium

Size: 25″ x 19.6″ x 13.3″ | Weight: 40.7 pounds | Includes Kit: No

First on our list of the best enclosures for a bearded dragon is this Exo Terra Outback Terrarium.

With a professional design, there is no doubt about its efficiency in being just what your pet needs.

It comes with two front doors which allow for easy feeding and cage maintenance too.

You can open one independently of the other and you can be sure of the complete security of your pet as it effectively prevents your pet from escaping.

The ventilation from up top is removable in case of cleaning, and it also gives way to the entrance of UV rays that are essential for the health of your pet reptile.

There are wire inlets on both sides also and you will find these useful for the installation of devices and decorations.



2. Carolina Custom Cages Extra Long Terrarium

Size: 47.2″ x 17.8″ x 17.8″ | Weight: 60 pounds | Includes Kit: No

This product is made by the reputable Carolina Designer Dragons that are known for their breeding of healthy bearded dragons.

This terrarium prides itself as one of the best accommodations you can give to your pet dragon.

It is an extra-long terrarium with dimensions of 48 x 18 x 18 inches and comes with amazing features that are meant to take complete care of your pet while indoors.

Its assembly is pretty easy and you don’t need any experience to couple this enclosure together.

It comes with all its kits and parts and you can use any type of heating equipment with its metal grate.

Good insulation is a necessary requirement and the top grate provides that. The sliding doors are in place to enhance your relationship with your pet.

Every pet owner fears for the security of their pet and you can be sure that this enclosure will provide exactly that for your pet.

The door design has a keyed latch so that the door doesn’t open by accident, only on purpose by you.

Your pet’s enclosure also features several grommets around its perimeter so your pet’s dinner doesn’t escape.

A perfect description of durability and sturdiness, you will definitely save more in the long run with this product and what’s more? It doesn’t cost so much despite all its amazing features.



3. Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

Size: 11.8″ x 23.6″ x 17.7″ | Weight: 32 pounds | Includes Kit: No

This is another great product from Exo Terra with dimensions measuring 24 x 18 x 12 inches.

It isn’t on the high side as bearded dragons are not really climbers, making it obvious that this enclosure is made specifically for your pet.

Its doors are large and attached to a pivot so that you can easily feed and interact with your pet.

The distance from the bottom of the enclosure to the top is four inches and this is enough to prevent your pet from escaping. You can also mount a lamp at the top over the lid, or mount it against the wall.

If you need an enclosure with a natural design that is more homely, the rocky backdrop of this product will do very well for you.

Its addition of a grooved wall will all add in making your bearded dragon feel at home.

This is not a permanent use cage due to its size and so as your beardie grows, you will need to change the cage.



4. Carolina Custom Cages Large Terrarium

Size: 35.9″ x 17.9″ x 18″ Weight: 57 pounds | Includes Kit: No

This neatly packaged product is sure to gain your trust and let you know right from your first look that your beardie is getting nothing but the best.

Its dimensions are 36 x 18 x 18. Assembling this enclosure is not a problem at all and its lock keeps your pet inside, and intruders out.

It also has a waterproof base design, and a top made of good insulating metal mesh material.

Provisions for electric cables are present so you can easily install all the devices you need.

This is one product that offers you great value for your money, and so if you want the best for your beardie, this is among the few you can trust.



5. Repti Zoo Reptile Glass Terrarium

Size: 36″ x 18″ x 18″ | Weight: 52 pounds | Includes Kit: No

Last on our best bearded dragon enclosures is the Repti Zoo Reptile Glass Terrarium.

It provides adequate comfort for your pet and allows you the chance to install various devices you will need to make your pet more comfortable, and its habitat close to natural.

The door design opens to the front so you can have easy access to your pet and the enclosure as a whole.

For added security, the doors close independently so that your pet stays put while you carry out any work you may need to do in the enclosure.

You can make use of a substrate heater here as its waterproof bottom is raised and allows for that installation.

It is super easy to assemble this product and the manual is really helpful. With dimensions of 36 x 18 x 18, you have enough room to house one beardie.



Things to Look For In a Good Bearded Dragon Enclosure

When making a purchase of an enclosure for your bearded dragon, there are some important points to note so that what you get will perform its job to your satisfaction.

Size of the Enclosure

The size requirements for a bearded dragon depends on its stage of growth and its size.

The ideal tank size for a baby bearded dragon is a 20-gallon tank, while that for an adult bearded dragon measuring at least 1ft in length is a 40 – 50-gallon tank.

You may want to begin with a 20-gallon tank and then increase in the size as your pet grows but you will end up wasting a lot of money.

It is better you buy the ideal size for a healthy adult of 120-gallon capacity and let your pet grow into it.

There is no harm in letting your pet have a lot of space when it is little. If you can’t afford the 120-gallon capacity, try getting the largest tank size you can afford.

Also, when purchasing the tank, take into account the floor space of the enclosure.

They will spend most of their time on the floor unlike geckos and so high sides are not beneficial to them. Enough floor space will give them adequate room to move about.

Type of Material


Glass enclosures are widely used to house reptiles so it is a very economical choice for you if you are a budget.

Bear in mind that it is very heavy and once installed, it would be difficult to move.

Melamine Enclosure

Melamine cages are mostly DIY as it gives the owners the opportunity to create it according to their preferences.

Melamine board which is wood coated with the fire-resistant finish is used for the construction.

Its disadvantage, however, is that this type of wood is difficult to work with, and it allows your pet to be only visible from one angle unlike with the glass enclosure.

Another important disadvantage is that this type of enclosure doesn’t provide adequate insulation and your poet’s color could change when the temperature is low.


PVC enclosures are very durable enclosures and are also very light. It is very mobile as you can move it easily but expensive so if you can afford it, you should buy it.


When choosing your pet’s enclosure, the security of the enclosure is very important as your pet could break out and fall into the hands of its natural predator, get trampled upon, or go missing.

Many enclosures have security for reptiles and most make use of metal screen covers that you can use to prevent your pet’s exit.

It is not very nice to make use of plastic screens as they can melt. Glass is also a good choice as it reduces the amount of air that enters the tank.

If you have children at home, you may want to step up your pet’s security with a locking lid on the tank.

This prevents them from putting their hands inside the tank and playing with your pet as it could get hurt.


When choosing your tank, it is best you go for one that is durable so that you do not have to spend more on buying new enclosures constantly.

Choose a sturdy product as your pet can live for more than 10 years.

Other Equipment for a Bearded Dragon’s Enclosure

Basking Light

Basking lights substitute the role of the sun in the life of your bearded dragon. In the wild, bearded dragons bask in the sun to get enough UV rays that allow them to produce vitamin D.

This promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus that are necessary for bone formation and good metabolic processes.

Absence of this could lead to soft bones, muscle tremors, and organ failures amongst others ultimately leading to death.

Source of Heat

Since your pet is cold-blooded, it depends on the heat of the external environment to keep warm.

You need to have a source of heat for this purpose especially if you live in a cold environment.

Temperature and Humidity Meters

In order to ensure that your pet has what it needs in terms of optimum temperature and humidity, you need to keep an eye for these factors at all times with the use of the respective meters.

The right humidity is essential so that your pet can stay hydrated so as to shed skin properly. Without proper humidity, your pet would retain its shed skin.

Water Dish

Always have a dish filled with water in your pet’s enclosure. It keeps your pet hydrated as they can get soaked in it, and it also maintains the humidity of the enclosure.


Bearded dragons are not climbers but mostly diggers. Providing the right environment that supports that character is essential to their overall wellbeing and you can do this with the introduction of substrates to their enclosure.


Bearded dragons often want to hide in their own spot, and that is why they dig so often. So to satisfy this need, it is great to have a few places where they can hide and chill when they need to.


Adding decorations to your pet’s enclosure will make it more homely and beautiful.

Some of the decorations could be aimed at making the enclosure close to your pet’s natural habitat so that it can get more comfortable.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Q: What Tank Size Is Best For Bearded Dragon?

When choosing the right tank for your beardie, it is good to choose a tank that measures three times the size of your pet including its tail.

So a baby bearded dragon should be kept in a tank of 20-gallon capacity, while for an adult a tank capacity of 120 gallons would be preferable.

Q: Do Bearded Dragons Like Sand?

The use of sand is good but it is a health risk as it could cause impaction for baby beardies. The use of newspapers and reptile carpet are better options.

Q: What Is The Lifespan Of Your Bearded Dragon?

The average lifespan of a bearded dragon in captivity is 10 years but shorter in the wild due to many factors.

Q: What Should Be The Temperature For A Bearded Dragon Tank?

Since bearded dragons are native to hot regions, their basking areas should be maintained at temperatures of 90 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooling area should be at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and this temperature should be the least in the tank.

Q: Do Bearded Dragons Need A Water Bowl In Their Tank?

Yes, they do. They constantly need water and so this will be helpful. And also they love to bath in a bowl of water, and the presence of the water will help in humidity.


These best enclosures for bearded dragons are some of the best you can find in the market and so no matter the choice you make, you will have good value for your money.

If you are still confused about the choice to make, Exo Terra Outback Terrarium is highly recommended. It is durable and ensures good ventilation.

Another good choice you can make is Carolina Custom Cages Extra Long Terrarium. It is large enough and provides good security for your pet amongst a lot of other features.

All the products mentioned here are of top quality and so expect nothing less no matter the choice you make.