The Best Bearded Dragon Food (2020) | Buying Guide and Reviews

by Carl Crane | Last Updated: August 21, 2020
Best Bearded Dragon Food

The nutrition of your pet dragon is as important as anything else. It goes a long way to ensuring the overall health and growth of your pet and so for a happy and healthy pet, you need to provide your beardie with the best bearded dragon food.

Apart from feeding your beardie with the right food, it is also important that you vary the meals so that your pet doesn’t have some deficiency or get bored with the meal.

When thinking of a meal plan for your pet, you should try to replicate what it eats in the wild. This includes meat, vegetables, fruits, and greens.

This meal plan changes with the age of your pet beardie as you need to reduce the protein content of its food if not it will get obese.

Juvenile beardies should have 50% of their meal content made of insects, and the remaining 50% made of fruit, plants, and vegetables.

Adult beardies, on the other hand, should be given only 24 to 30% of insects, and the remaining proportion should be of vegetables.

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After seeing numerous bearded dragon foods, we have a pretty reliable idea of what qualities make the best bearded dragon food, and the Tradeking Natural Dried Crickets it’s our top choice.

Complete Guide for the Best Bearded Dragon Food

The most common question many bearded dragon owners ask is “what food can I feed my bearded dragon?”

Many owners feed their pets with random foods  which may not have an immediate effect on it, or if you are lucky your pet will be safe.

But it is better to do the right thing and always make an informed decision.

For a healthy pet, the following guide will help you know the types of food your pet needs and the ones to avoid.

Main Greens

Occasional Greens

Main Vegetables

Occasional Vegetables

Greens and Vegetables to Rarely Feed Your Pet

Greens and Vegetables to Avoid

If you regularly feed beet greens and spinach to your pet bearded dragon, you can increase their risk of having metabolic bone disease.

This is because this food is high in oxalic acid which is a calcium-binding agent.

So it is better that they are served this every once in a while or if possible to be avoided altogether.

Avocados and rhubarb should be avoided completely as they are toxic to your pet dragon.

Lettuce should also be avoided as it has no nutritional benefit for your pet. As it is made of mainly water, feeding it to your beardie can lead to diarrhea.

Small amounts of lettuce can, however, be fed to your pet if it is dehydrated but be careful because if you should give too much lettuce, it will cause diarrhea which will worsen the dehydration.

Feeding your pet with peeled cucumber is a better option in the case of dehydration.

Tomatoes should  also be fed to your pet every once in a while because they are very acidic and can be harsh on their digestive system.

Main Fruits

Occasional Fruits

Fruits to Avoid

Citric fruits have a high content of citric acid, and as such can be harsh on the digestive system of your bearded dragon, especially the juvenile beardies.

Main Insects

Occasional Insects

Insects to Avoid

Fireflies and boxelder bugs are very poisonous to bearded dragons and so should be avoided.

Also, wild insects could be dangerous and so to be on the safe side, you should avoid feeding them to your pet.

In your bearded dragon’s meal, the main insects should make up the largest portion of their meal. 

You can use the occasional insects as a treat or feed them with it once in a while.

Remember to adhere to the proportion of plan and insect part of their every meal to keep them nourished.

The 5 Top-Rated Bearded Dragon Foods

Editor’s Picks



Top Pick

TradeKing Natural Dried Crickets


Runner Up

Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons


Best Budget Buy

Fluker’s 76041 Buffet Blend Adult Bearded Dragon


Best Treats for Bearded Dragon

Zilla Reptile Munchies For Pets


Best Diverse Food For Bearded Dragon

T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend


*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Best Bearded Dragon Food

1. Tradeking Natural Dried Crickets

Protein: 56.0% (min) | Fat: 16.5% (min) | Fiber: 7.0% (max) | Moisture: 10.5% (max)

First on our list of best-bearded dragon food is the Tradeking Natural Dried Crickets.

Born out of the love of your beardie for crickets, this meal package will keep your pet happy and healthy. It is not easy for you to have life crickets for your pet and that is why these dried crickets have been packaged for your pet’s enjoyment.

They are free from artificial additives which can be poisonous to your pet and are a rich source of protein too. In a bid to give your bearded dragon an additional boost of nutrients, these crickets are gut loaded.

Now you can easily provide your pet with what it loves while keeping it healthy and providing all the necessary protein it needs.



2. Fluker’s Medley Treat For Bearded Dragons

Protein: 56.0% (min) | Fat: 15.0% (min) | Fiber: 9.0% (max) | Moisture: 9.0% (max)

Next on our list is the Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons.

This is one product that you can trust to provide good protein for your pet and that your beardie will love.

It comes as a blend of three different types of freeze-dried insects namely; mealworms, crickets, and grasshoppers.

The preservation of the meal doesn’t in any way take away the nutritional benefits of the food.

So with every munch, your pet gets good nutrients as it would from life insects in the wild and with no stress on you. It is a good choice for you to use to add variety to your pet’s meal.

A happy pet is a healthy pet, and a well-fed pet is also a healthy pet. Ensure your pet stays healthy and has all it needs with the best products only, such as this.



3. Fluker’s 76041 Buffet Blend Bearded Dragon Formula

Protein: 29.0% (min) | Fat: 6.0% (min) | Fiber: 5.50% (max) | Moisture: 9.50% (max)

This Fluker’s Buffet Blend promises to provide all your pet needs to have a balanced diet.

It is made up of a balanced diet of pellets with dried insects so that it can serve as a complete meal on its own and provide your pet with all it needs to stay healthy and satisfied.

The pellets are made with a unique and attractive texture so that your bearded dragon will be drawn to eating it and with a good appetite.

Taking care of your pet can be demanding and will surely require some time from you.

So if you are the busy type and don’t really have the time to provide all the meals and in their right proportions for your pet beardie, you could make use of this wonderful product and still have a happy and healthy pet.



4. Zilla Reptile Munchies for Pets

Protein: 17.0% (min) | Fat: 6.0% (min) | Fiber: 6.0% (max) | Moisture: 10.0% (max)

Dried insects are a great meal for bearded dragons as you must have noticed, but what your bearded dragon needs go beyond just insects and protein.

They also need veggies and fruits and this product is a well-balanced diet for your beardie.

It is made with a rich blend of dried fruits and veggies and also has dried insects. So what your pet gets each time is a complete meal, rich in nutrients for healthy growth.

It is a good source of protein, fat, and other essential nutrients that are needed by your pet.

Taking care of your pet and providing for it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are products available to make the task easy and this is one of them.

Since this product comes dry, all you have to do when you want to serve is to rehydrate in water and you are set.



5. T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend

Protein: 17.0% (min) | Fat: 6.0% (min) | Fiber: 6.0% (max) | Moisture: 10.0% (max)

We will end this review of best-bearded dragon food with the T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend.

It promises you good quality and even though the price is a bit high, it is a purchase you will be happy about.

Made with the proper nutrition of your pet in mind, it contains a good quantity of protein as well as greens and veggies so that your bearded dragon gets the complete package with each munch.

It is easy to make as all you have to do is rehydrate in water and you are set to go.

Keeping your pet happy is what every pet owner wants, and with the right food, your pet not only stays happy but grows up healthy.

It is safe to be consumed by your beardie as it is made with natural ingredients only, no artificial preservatives included.



Things to Look Out For In a Good Bearded Dragon Food

When you go to make a purchase of a bearded dragon food, you will find that there are a lot of products in the market since beardies are a common pet.

This makes it difficult to choose and in this guide, you will find out the important factors you need to consider when making a purchase.

Real Ingredients

When you pick up a pack of food for beardies, check out the ingredients.

The best types of food should be made of dried ingredients with preserved nutrients, and free from artificial additives.

These additives do not add to the nutritional requirements of your pet.

Renowned Brand

All well-known brands that have become trustworthy gained this position because of their reliability for giving quality at every time.

So before you make a purchase, check to be sure that the brand specializes in making reptile products and has good reviews from other users.

No Artificial Additives

In the food of a bearded dragon, the addition of color or flavor should be avoided as these could be toxic to your pet.

Any food that is not completely natural should be avoided as what your pet needs from its meal are good nutrients and real ingredients.

Balanced Diet

When feeding your pet, it is best that you provide a balanced meal at all times. Bearded dragon food usually comes in two forms; as pellets or dried insects.

Pellets are less appealing to most beardies but are more balanced than the dried insects so when feeding your pet, try to give it a blend of everything it needs.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bearded Dragon Foods

Q: What Can’t Bearded Dragons Eat?

Bearded dragons should not be fed lettuce, fireflies, avocados, rhubarb, beet tops, and spinach even though your pet seems to love them.

They are toxic and have no benefit to your pet.

Q: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Eggs?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat a small number of eggs as they are very high in protein.

The quantity of egg also depends on the age of your pet as baby beardies need more protein and adults don’t.

Q: Are Bananas Good For Bearded Dragons?

Yes, bananas are good for your bearded dragons and they love it.

However, bananas should only be fed to them occasionally; once or twice a month as too much of it could lead to metabolic bone disease.

Q: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bread?

No, bearded dragons cannot eat bread and should not be fed bread.


The nutritional requirements of your bearded dragon are very important and as such, you need to be well informed about the best food for your pet.

Not all foods are good for it, and it doesn’t eat in random proportions so the key to a healthy and satisfied pet is to abide by the rules.

Highly recommended is the Tradeking Natural Dried Crickets. This product comes gut loaded for additional nutrients and also has no artificial preservatives added making it safe for your pet’s consumption. 

Another product that is highly recommended for you is Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons. It is a blend of different dried insects whose nutrients remain preserved. 

No matter the choice you make from amongst the products reviewed here, you can be sure that your expectations will be met.