5 Best Bearded Dragon Leash Harness (2020) | Buying Guide and Reviews

by Carl Crane | Last Updated: October 23, 2020
Best Bearded Dragon Leash Harness

It is normal to want to allow your pet bearded dragon to walk in the open and have some air, after all, they are not used to being caged.

Letting them go free would make them happy and that is what you would want, but the risks that are associated with it makes it scary and not worth it.

A lot of things could go wrong if you let your beardie roam unsupervised.

It could get hurt or easily become prey for other bigger animals and that is why you need the best bearded dragon leash and harness to make sure you remain in control of your pet’s movements.

Being locked up in the enclosure, your bearded dragon would be healthy, provided it has all it needs like a source of heat, UV light, enough space and other accessories.

But nothing beats the fresh air and sunlight and that is why you would need to take your pet out once in a while.

Besides that, moving around is a way of letting your pet get some exercise and become active.

The heat of the sun and its activity will make your reptile friend be even healthier and happier.

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Complete Guide for Best Bearded Dragon Leash Harness

Even though your pet’s terrarium would be made to provide the same benefits of being outdoors in the wild, nothing beats nature and so your pet would need to be taken out every once in a while.

Exposure to the sun will really help in raising its temperature and keeping it warm.

Warm core temperature and activity allows proper food digestion and other physiologic functions that will keep your pet healthy.

Also, the sun is a great source of UV radiation that is necessary for vitamin D synthesis which is required for strong bones and healthy scales.

Providing your bearded dragon with the opportunity to explore and move around is obviously beneficial to it, but is also dangerous.

It could get lost, or hurt, or even killed and so you need to be in control of its location with the use of a leash and harness.

With a leash, you can take your pet out for a stroll and show it off without being worried that it might come to some harm.

How to Properly Use a Bearded Dragon Leash

Getting the best product is one thing, and using it properly is another thing to get the best out of the product.

There is no one rule or standard of using a leash with your bearded dragon, but when making a purchase go for products that have user-friendly manuals.

Here are a few rules, however, to guide you on the proper use of a bearded dragon leash:

How to Put a Leash on a Bearded Dragon

The following steps will help you properly put a leash on your beardie without hurting it:

The Best Bearded Dragon Leash Harness

1. Watfoon Adjustable Bearded Dragon Lizard Comfort Leather Leash

First on our list of best bearded dragon leash harnesses is this Watfoon Adjustable Bearded Dragon Lizard Comfort Leather Leash.

Its winged design really brings out the dragon in your beardie and the leather material is very comfortable and soft.

With a length of 5ft, you can adjust it to suit you so you can stay in control without causing any discomfort for yourself.

The vest on the harness is also very comfortable for your pet as are all the materials used in this harness.

What this proves is that this product was made with the comfort of your pet in mind.

You have a variety of colors to choose from depending on what your pet is more inclined to.



2. Funpetlife Small Pet Animal Harness and Leash Angel Wings

This is a great leash and harness to allow your pet to get its heat and UV directly from the sun while still within your watch.

The H shaped harness is made to go round the breast and neck of small pets and with its long and adjustable leash, you and your pet can move around comfortably.

The material it is made of is soft and breathable so that your pet is comfy and not stressed out.

To ensure that your pet is safe, it has a locking clip that ensures your pet is secured to the harness.

If you want nothing but stylish products only, then this is the perfect choice for you.

The harness is designed like angel wings and together with the color matching leash, this is a sight that will surely turn heads.



3. Rypet 3 Packs Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash

This harness and leash are very adjustable and come in different sizes. Its design makes it not only suitable for your bearded dragon, but also for any four-legged reptile.

It is easy to use and the material used in its construction is really comfortable for your pet.

To ensure proper hygiene and ease of maintenance, you can wash this with your hands as often as is necessary to ensure it stays clean and healthy.



4. T-Rex Comfort Leash (Extra Extra Large)

If you have a huge bearded dragon and are finding it difficult to get the perfect harness and leash for it, here is one product that will fit perfectly.

You can now control your beardie comfortably while you go out for some fun.

The leash is long enough for your comfort, and to ensure your pet is comfortable, it is made with nylon material; soft and comfy.

There is no need for you to worry about losing your pet because the safety clasp attached to a buttonhole secures your beardie to its harness.



5. Ogle Lizard Leash, Limited Edition Blue Web

We will end this review with the Ogle Lizard Leash. It is handmade and comes in four sizes; small, medium, large, and extra-large so you can choose the perfect size for your pet.

The adjustable toggle will allow you to easily slip the leash over your pet’s head, making it easy to use.

It is perfect for you to take your dragon out for a walk, or to bask in the sun, or just to have fun together.

Made with your pet in mind, the material used provides comfort for your pet.



Things to Look Out For In a Good Bearded Dragon Leash Harness

You will be hit with a lot of leash harnesses that promise to do the perfect job and be the best for your pet, but how do you know that they are what you need?

In this section, we will take you through all you have to consider when making a purchase of a leash so as to get the right product for your beardie:


The material used in making the leash should be such that it would give comfort to your pet. It has to be soft.

This doesn’t mean you should go for a product made from a soft material with no promise of durability.

The material also needs to be durable so that you won’t have to buy a leash frequently.

Leather harnesses and nylon material for the leash are good examples.


The leash you purchase should be good enough to ensure that your pet doesn’t escape while you are out with it.

It should ensure the security of your pet thus preventing it from danger.


When you purchase a leash, do so with the specific function you would want it to serve in mind.

For example, leashes that you want to use for outdoor purposes like taking your pet out for walks are long enough to allow enough space for your pet to move freely.

A leash for the purpose of training your pet should be adequate in performing that purpose.


The leash you go with depends on the age of your bearded dragon as they have different chest sizes depending on their age.

So before you make a purchase, be sure of your pet’s chest size so you can get the perfect fit.

Ease of Adjustment

Some products are versatile as they can be used both on juvenile and adult beardies because of the adjustable harness.

Buying such a product would save you cost as you can use a single product for your pet even as it grows.

User Height

Your height is also a factor you should consider when purchasing a leash.

For your own comfort, you should buy a leash whose length is okay with your height, so tall bearded dragon owners should go for harnesses with long leashes.


After figuring out the color that most appeals to your pet, it would be proper to go for a leash harness of that same color.


Do not buy a product that is obviously not good enough just because you are on a tight budget.

There are good quality products that would not cost a lot and you should opt for cheap but good quality products.

It is good to stick to your budget, but it is also proper that you do not compromise quality because of cost.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bearded Dragon Leash Harnesses

Q: Do Bearded Dragons Like Leashes?

Initially, they don’t but they get used to it over time. No one likes a restraint to their movement and freedom but when they attach the sight of a leash with some outdoor activity, they could get excited over time.

Q: Can I Walk My Bearded Dragon On A Leash?

Yes, you can but do not force it to walk on a leash. You will have to be patient and train your beardie to get comfortable with the idea and with time it will walk but only when it is ready.

Q: Can Beardies Learn To Wear Leashes?

Yes, they can. With time their instincts will guide them on how to wear the leash without you having to worry about it.


Now you can take your bearded dragon out without fear of any harm coming to it as you will have control over its movement.

The products reviewed here are made with comfortable materials and are adjustable so that you will be comfortable as you use them, too.

If you are confused about the product to pick, may we suggest Watfoon Adjustable Bearded Dragon Lizard Comfort Leather Leash. It is made with comfortable material and is non-toxic to your pet.

Another great choice you can make is Funpetlife Small Pet Animal Harness and Leash Angel Wings. It has an adjustable leash and a clip that makes sure your dragon is secure.

All products here are perfect for use with your bearded dragon, so whatever choice you make, you will be happy with your purchase.