The Best Reptile Hygrometer

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best reptile hygtometer

The best way to care for your pet reptile is to provide an environment that mimics its natural home in the wild.

Since their skin is always dry and cannot retain moisture like other animals, it is important that the humidity of their enclosure be closely monitored and there is no better way to do this than with the best reptile hygrometer.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. Having the wrong humidity in your pet’s enclosure can lead to many health problems and that is why maintaining the right amount is very important.

Different reptiles have different humidity needs and so before taking your pet home, it is advisable to do some research and ask for professional guidance so that you can properly take care of your pet.

An enclosure that is too humid can cause skin infections or pneumonia for your pet, and an enclosure with low humidity can lead to dehydration and even death of your pet.

So you need to keep track and try to maintain the right amount of water vapor in the air.

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After seeing numerous reptile hygrometers, we have a pretty solid idea of what features make the best reptile hygrometer, and the JLENOVEG Reptile Thermometer it’s our top choice.

  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Maintaining Proper Humidity using Reptile Hygrometer

To ensure that you have a healthy pet, all aspects of its life must be taken seriously and proper considerations made.

Too much humidity or too little could cause your pet reptile to suffer from respiratory problems, shedding issues, skin disorders, and shell disorders.

That is why you need to monitor the enclosure with a good reptile hygrometer and maintain the humidity level within acceptable limits.

Here are some ways in which you can improve the humidity of your pet reptile’s enclosure and keep it healthy and comfortable;


Substrates can help reduce the rate at which moisture dries off from the enclosure thereby helping to keep the place humid.

Care should, however, be taken while choosing a substrate as some are harmful to your pet.

Substrates like coconut fiber are good for use with tortoise but can cause eye irritation for Chinese water dragons so do good research before making a choice.

You can choose to go with a dry substrate or an absorbent one depending on the needs of your pet reptile.


The design of your pet’s enclosure can also help in reducing the rate of moisture loss. Tall and narrow enclosure designs are good with this and depending on the humidity needs of your pet is a good choice to go with.

Using such designs with animals that need less humidity will save you the stress of always misting as they have as much as they need at every given time.

Water Dish

Providing a water dish in your reptile’s enclosure greatly improves the humidity and allows them to have a nice soak when they want to.

Placing the water dish strategically can have the best effect and so if you desire to have more humidity in the enclosure, consider placing it in the warmer part of the enclosure.


Misting is a very effective way to raise the humidity and keep the substrate wet. Not all reptiles have high humidity needs and so this may not be good for yours.

The only way to know is to do research and seek professional help. While animals like tortoises and Chinese water dragons stand to benefit a lot from this, others like corn snakes could fall sick as a result of the high humidity from misting.

Types of Reptile Hygrometers

There are different types of hygrometers in the market, and each has its own principle of operation.

1. Analog Hygrometer

Analog hygrometers make use of a spring that tightens or loosens depending on the level of humidity. All you have to do is tune them regularly.

2. Digital Hygrometer

A digital hygrometer makes use of non-moving electric sensors to measure the level of humidity in your pet’s enclosure. The readings you get are a result of the resistance due to the moisture present. These types of hygrometers require good maintenance.

3. Chemical Hygrometer

Chemical hygrometers make use of chemicals to show both the cumulative temperature and humidity.

Common Pet Reptiles and Their Acceptable Humidity Levels

SpeciesHumidity Range
African Fat-Tailed Gecko>50%
African Sulcata Tortoise>45%
Amazon Tree Boa80-90%
Argentine Black And White Tegu80-90%
Ball Python>60%
Burmese Python50-70%
Corn Snake40-60%
Crested Gecko70-80%
East African Spiny-Tailed Lizard50-60%
Emerald Tree Boa80-90%
Fire Bellied Newt75%
Frilled Lizard50-70%
Gargoyle Gecko70-80%
Golden Tree Frog>60%
Greek Tortoise30-50%
Green Anole60-70%
Green Iguana65-75%
Green Snake60%
Green Tree Frog>65%
Green Tree Python80-90%
House Gecko60-70%
Inland Bearded Dragon40%
Leopard Frog70-75%
Milk Snake40-60%
Ornate Horned Frog50-70%
Red-Eyed Tree Frog60-70%
Red Headed Agama10-20%
Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor75%
Russian Tortoise60%
Thai Water Dragon60-80%
Tiger Salamander>70%
Veiled Chameleon50-60%
White’s Tree Frog50-60%

The 5 Top-Rated Reptile Hygrometers

Editor’s Picks



Best Overall

JLENOVEG Reptile Thermometer Humidity and Temperature Sensor


Runner Up

Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge


Best Budget Buy

Hagen Exo Terra LED Rept O-Meter Thermometer/Hygrometer


Best Thermometer for Bearded Dragon

Zoo Med Digital Thermometer


Best Hygrometer for Ball Python

Only Degree Digital Reptile Thermometer and Hygrometer


*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Best Reptile Hygrometer

1. JLENOVEG Reptile Thermometer Humidity and Temperature Sensor

First on our list of best reptile hygrometers is the JLENOVEG Reptile Thermometer Humidity and Temperature Sensor.

It comes ready to help you accurately measure and take proper care of the temperature and humidity of your reptile’s enclosure.

From its design, you know that you are getting nothing less than the best from this device. You can easily mount it with hook and Velcro and get your readings at any time.

For good user experience, the readout is easy to read and the device is easy to install and operate.

This is a perfect example of good value for your money as the accuracy and great performance helps you meet the temperature and humidity needs of your pet.

Its small size doesn’t distract or get in your pet’s way and so you can mount it anywhere in the tank without any problem. One perk of using this product is the customer service which is always ready to assist you however you may need.


  • Accurate readings
  • Stylish design
  • Serves as both a hygrometer and a thermometer
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Good customer care service


  • It uses an internal probe which means it can only give a reading of the air around it

2. Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge

This is one device that you can install anywhere in the tank because of its small size without having it causing any inconveniences.

It is a purchase of great value as it offers you an accuracy of up to 90%, so you can monitor and more effectively care for your pet.

The LCD screen makes reading it easy. Apart from being a hygrometer, you can also measure temperature with this device and so you kill two birds with one stone.

It is easy to set the temperature and humidity range that is acceptable into this device so that when any of these parameters reach dangerous levels, you receive an alert.

So in all, you can care for your pet even when you are not looking.


  • Easy to read digital readout
  • Probe is waterproof
  • Measures both humidity and temperature
  • Has an alarm system that warns of exceeded acceptable limits


  • Battery capacity is not high

3. Hagen Exo Terra LED Rept O-Meter Thermometer/Hygrometer

The Exo Terra LED Rep O-Meter is a 2-in-1 device that accurately measures the temperature and humidity of your reptile’s enclosure and allows you to take proper care of it.

It is single button operated, making it easy to use and so even if you do not have any experience using these instruments, you will make the most out of this.

The last thing you would want is a device that breaks down often as it will incur additional expenses and inconvenience you.

This product is made to be durable and dependable and you can easily install it using a hook and loop fastener.


  • Serves as a hygrometer and a thermometer
  • Gives accurate readings
  • Easy to install and use


  • The temperature takes a long time to stabilize and give accurate readings

4. Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

In order to give proper care to your bearded dragon, you need to keep constant checks on its temperature as well as the humidity of its enclosure.

There are a lot of devices that can help you accurately measure the temperature of its enclosure but Zoo Med Digital Thermometer will give you great value and good user experience.

You can get your temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, whichever works best for you. The external sensor probe is waterproof and gives you accurate readings.

The LCD readout allows for easy result checks and adds to the beautiful features that make this device outstanding.


  • LCD readout
  • Temperature is in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Waterproof external sensor
  • Accurate readings


  • The suction could be better

5. Only Degree Digital Reptile Thermometer and Hygrometer

We will round up the best reptile hygrometers with Only Degree Reptile Thermometer and Hygrometer.

It is made with a black ABS that is non-toxic and durable, able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with usage.

You have a two in one meter as it reads very accurately the temperature and humidity.

The measuring range for humidity is high and you can more efficiently understand the readings you get.

The LCD screen gives you bold fonts so that you can easily see your readings and this contributes to making this device very easy to use.


  • It has a bold and easy to read LCD display
  • Accurate results
  • Battery life is impressive


  • Doesn’t have the means to be attached to tanks

Things to Look Out For In a Good Reptile Hygrometer

There are a lot of products in the market that you can choose, but to get the best value for your money you have to take some factors into consideration while making your purchase of a reptile hygrometer.

  1. Display – All hygrometers come with a display that allows you to see your readings. When making a choice, go for something that has a big screen so that you can easily read the meter. 
  2. Accuracy – The purpose of a hygrometer is to give you readings that will help you properly take care of your pet reptile, and these readings have to be accurate. Different meters have different levels of accuracy and you should look out for the accuracy of the product you are purchasing. Only go for products with high accuracy ratings.
  3. Ease of Use – The device you are getting is not supposed to add stress to your life, so look for something that is user-friendly. A good way to know which device will be easy to use is by going through reviews on the products.
  4. Portability – A portable device will come in handy if you have the need to change its position or move your tank. Being portable makes it more convenient for you than a heavy one.
  5. Design – Go for a device whose design allows you to easily store it. Easy to store devices do not easily get destroyed accidentally as you can safely put them away when not in use.
  6. Cost – Different products come with different prices depending on their models and available functions. There is a hygrometer for you no matter your budget and the cheapest will come with the basic features you need. If you are on a tight budget, go for the moderate ones. They do not have a lot of functions but work fine.
  7. Battery – Choose a hygrometer that comes with decent battery capacity and easy to replace batteries. A hygrometer that uses batteries that are hard to get will be useless once the batteries it came with are no more useful so you have to check this out.

Commonly Asked Questions About Reptile Hygrometers

Q: Is Too Much Humidity Bad For Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons do not do well in high humidity and can cause diseases to them. If the humidity is a little high, they can cope for a while but prolonged humidity of over 60% will cause problems for your bearded dragon.

Q: Where to Place the Thermometer for a Bearded Dragon?

When taking the temperature of the basking area of your bearded dragon’s enclosure, place the probe end on the basking surface directly under the bulb and leave for 45 minutes. Place the probe on the mid tank and cool side for 45 minutes also to get the temperature readings of these areas.

Q: How Do You Measure Humidity In A Terrarium?

To measure the humidity of a terrarium, you place the hygrometer’s sensor inside to get the readings. 

Q: Where Do I Place The Hygrometer In A Terrarium?

You have to place the hygrometer’s sensor inside the terrarium so you can get accurate readings. For those models with inbuilt sensors, you just stick them to the glass of the enclosure on the inside and take your readings.

Q: What Humidity Should A Bearded Dragon Be Kept At?

For a bearded dragon, the humidity of its enclosure should be maintained at 35-40%. This is identical to the humidity of its home in the wild.

Q: How Often Should I Mist My Bearded Dragon?

During shedding and in the cold months of the year, it is important to make it a point of duty to mist more. Your bearded dragon will benefit from misting a few times a week.


Now you have the 5 best hygrometers available in the market to choose from. The possibility of making mistakes has been taken care of for you and all you have to do is make a choice from these products that have been reviewed here.

If you are still confused about the product to go with, may we suggest JLENOVEG Reptile Thermometer Humidity and Temperature Sensor. It has a stylish design and is easy to install and operate and above all, gives accurate readings. 

You can also choose Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge. It has a waterproof probe and an alarm that signals you on exceeded pre-set limits. You can get both temperature and humidity readings from both devices. 

No matter the product you choose to go with from this list, you are sure that you are getting nothing but the best.