How Often to Clean a Turtle Tank

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how often to clean turtle tank

Having a cleaning schedule will help you in taking proper care of your turtle tank. This is because there are different types of tank water pollutants, and each requires a type of attention that’s specific to it.

Letting dirt and waste to accumulate in your tank will cause health problems for your pet and that‘s why you need to know how often your tank needs to be cleaned so that your pet stays healthy.

Turtles are generally messy and as a result, a form of daily cleaning is required.

This daily cleaning isn’t a substitute for the deep cleaning you have to do when the time is right, but daily cleaning helps the tank remain neat before its time for deep cleaning.

The frequency at which you clean your turtle tank depends on the following:

  • How seriously you take the daily cleaning
  • The number of turtles you have
  • The strength of your filter
  • The presence of a substrate in the tank

How Often To Clean a Red Eared Slider Turtle Tank

Every day: for everyday cleaning, your aim is the free-floating matter on the surface of the tank.

This free-floating matter is made of feces, dirt, and also food particles. For this type of cleaning, you will need a net to scoop out the floating matter.

Doing this efficiently will reduce the rate at which your filter gets clogged, and at which your tank gets dirty.

Every week: the weekly routine of tank cleaning is mainly for chemical levels.

Ammonia is produced as a waste by turtles, but they can’t stand it and its build up in the water is a serious health challenge.

So what the weekly routine entails is a partial water change; about 25% of water.

Replacing that percentage of water with a new one reduces ammonia content in the water and gives your pet more comfort.

Every few weeks: every two to three weeks, you should perform spot cleaning.

This involves cleaning up specific areas of the tank that are dirty without having to wash the entire tank.

Every month or two: every month or two, you should get ready for deep cleaning.

This involves carefully transferring your turtle to a temporary location, taking out everything from the tank and washing them, washing the entire tank, and changing the entire tank water.

How Often To Clean a Box Turtle Tank

Every day: box turtles spend the most time on land and so their tanks are easier to clean and require less from you.

Every day, you should endeavor to clean out the water bowl and other shallow water areas where they love to stay. In the tank, using a net to clean out floating debris will keep it clean.

Every month or two: this cleaning routine requires that the tank be cleaned completely and the substrate changed.


A good cleaning routine makes it easy for you to care for your pet, and also ensures your pet stays comfortable and healthy in its home.

Ammonia, nitrite, and debris can make the tank uncomfortable for your turtle, and can also make you uncomfortable in your house.

That’s why you need to plan a schedule and follow it so that your turtle tank would stay clean all year long for your good health and that of your reptile friend.