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  • The Best Cleaner for Reptile Cages

    Reptiles require great care and good hygiene to maintain their comfort and good health, that’s why it’s important that you practice good cleaning habits daily and weekly.

  • How To Bathe A Tortoise

    Cleaning a tortoise is a necessary part of keeping it healthy and happy. A good bath will remove any dirt or debris that may be clinging to its shell, as well as help keep its skin healthy.

  • How To Clean A Turtle Shell

    Cleaning your turtle shell is just as important as cleaning the turtle enclosure since it can be a real health hazard for your turtle if not done properly, not to mention, a dirty shell just looks icky.

  • The Best Reptile Incubator

    An insulated box which contains a humid substrate and heating pads could suffice as an incubator, but you would still need a means of controlling both temperature and temperature.

  • 5 Top Turtles For Beginners

    Which turtle is the best for you? There are several of them, but which one is ideal for you?

  • The Best Filter for Red Eared Slider

    The red-eared slider is one of the most popular pets because of its beauty and calm nature. Having one does not require much and unlike other pets, it easily adapts to a new environment.

  • How To Take Care Of A Painted Turtle

    This care sheet is for the general care of this species. It is important to do more research to develop a maintenance plan that is specific to the species you are caring for.

  • The Best Substrate for Leopard Tortoise

    The leopard tortoises is a charming, large species of tortoise that has become a very popular reptile pet in the past years. 

  • The Best Reptile Light Fixture

    Light is a very important part of reptiles and it helps in physical growth and psychological development.