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  • How To Take Care Of A Turtle

    It is critical to keep in mind that pet turtles need a particular environment with appropriate temperatures, light, and moisture levels in order to survive.

  • The Best Turtle Substrate

    In this article, we will cover a very controversial topic, something that beginners struggle when starting out setting up their very first turtle tank.

  • The Best Reptile Carpets

    New reptile owners would always be faced with several challenges as they think of bringing their new pet home. Some of these challenges include feeding, warmth, the enclosure, and its interior.

  • Can Turtles Climb?

    Turtles are fascinating animals that can accomplish a variety of things in order to survive in the wild, including climbing trees to gather food.

  • Can Box Turtles Swim? | Facts and Truth Revealed

    Can box turtles swim in the water like other sea creatures? Or is this just another mystery that needs to be debunked?

  • The Best Tanks for Red-Eared Sliders

    The red-eared slider is probably one of the most popular animals for people to buy, but they are usually not being properly taken care of and kept. 

  • Musk Turtle Care

    Musk turtles can be a great addition to any home but should be cared for in a way that takes their specific needs into account.

  • Top 5 Best Reptile Heating Pads

    Heat is very important for all living things as it provides warmth and energy. To ensure that your pet reptile stays comfortable and healthy, a source of heat is to be provided in its habitat and a good way to do this is to make use of the best reptile heat pads.

  • The Best Reptile Light Timer

    When considering the best ways to care for your pet, it essentially involves trying to recreate their natural habitat. It involves providing the appropriate temperature, humidity, substrate, and also day and night cycles.