The Best Reptile Humidifier

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best reptile humidifier

Reptiles are one of the most fascinating pets to have and as a pet owner, it is your duty to provide for your pet and make sure it has its basic needs met.

The environment in which your pet stays is a huge determinant of its health quality and so apart from feeding it properly, other factors have to be put in place to ensure your pet has all the comfort it needs.

These factors include heat, a source of UVB and UVA, basking platforms, water filter for aquatic reptiles, humidity level, etc.

In this article, we will focus on the best reptile humidifiers available and so if you plan on making a purchase, you are in luck as here you will get all you need to know to help you purchase the best product.

A good humidifier is one of the basic requirements of your pet’s enclosure as it helps in maintaining proper hydration, shedding and normal behavior in your pet.

A humidifier is also necessary if your pet reptile has allergies because properly humidified air reduces symptoms.

This, in the long run, will save you from a constant visit to the vet, and keep your mind at rest.

Everyone wants only the best for their pets, and so if you want to ensure that the air your reptile takes in is pure and comfortable and safe for your pet, invest in a good humidifier.

We Recommend

After seeing numerous reptile humidifiers, we have a pretty solid idea of what features makes the reptile humidifier, and the Oiibo Reptile Humidifier it’s our top choice.

  • Sufficient Capacity and Easy Filling
  • Suitable for Any Reptile/ Amphibian/ Herb
  • Easy & Safe to Use

Understanding Reptile Humidifiers

When keeping a reptile as a pet, you need to be very aware that they are cold-blooded.

This means that they can’t regulate their temperature themselves but depend on the external environment to keep warm.

This, together with the right level of humidity is the proper way to care for your reptile and here is all you need to know about keeping your reptile’s cage humid:

Reptiles require a good level of humidity in their environment because their skin can’t hold moisture like other animals. This moisture is very important for shedding.

Heat and humidity go hand in hand. So to have their enclosure within the right limits of humidity, you need to place it also at the right temperature.

Every reptile species have their own humidity levels and needs. So when you plan on getting a reptile pet, do some research about its needs to be able to properly provide for it.

You also help with the tank’s humidity by placing a large bowl of water in the enclosure and by misting the t least twice a day with room temperature water.

Monitor the tank’s temperature and humidity regularly to ensure constant levels of both.

Tips When Using A Reptile Humidifier

Getting the best results from the use of your product also has a lot to do with the way you use it.

Sometimes you may have the best reptile humidifier but still, get very little value out of it.

When using your product, there are several things you need to consider when using it so as to get the best results, have it last longer, and not affect your pet’s health negatively.

  1. The type of water you use in your reptile humidifier is one of the most important things you need to consider while using it. Most manufacturers insist on the use of distilled water on the device and you should take this seriously. Using hard water from the tap contains minerals that can remain in the humidifier and act as a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microbes. These will be spewed in the air together with the water vapor during use and will have a negative effect on your pet in the long run.
  2. Another important consideration is the cleanliness of your device. It can get dirty and just like everything else, will act as a breeding ground for molds, germs, and bacteria which without being told are very harmful to your pet. To keep it clean, you need to empty, rinse and clean the base of your humidifier and its tank. Clean the device properly at least once a week to disinfect it and remove all mineral buildup as well and do not forget to unplug first before cleaning.

The 5 Top-Rated Reptile Humidifier

Editor’s Picks



Top Pick

Oiibo Reptile Humidifier


Runner Up

Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier and Fogger


Best Budget Buy

Aiicioo Upgrade Reptile Humidifier Fogger


Best Terrarium Mister

 Coospider Reptile Fogger


Best Automatic Mister

Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Terrarium Mister


*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

The Best Reptile Humidifier

best humidifier for reptile

1. Oiibo Reptile Humidifier

Water Volume: 2.2 liters | Weight: 2.2 pounds

Top on our list of the best reptile humidifiers is the Oiibo Reptile Humidifier.

It is the perfect product for your pet’s moisture needs. As an ultrasonic humidifier, it silently infuses your reptile’s enclosure with clean moisturized vapor and provides clean and odorless air and a moist environment for your pet.

To further ensure that your pet stays comfortable, it has a fog output range of 250ml to 350ml per hour.

Making use of a humidifier doesn’t have to be stressful, and that is why you can easily fill this up through the orifice at the bottom of the tank.

You do not need to fill it every day as its tank capacity of 2.2 liters is enough to last you for some days.

The tube is stretchable, allowing you to adjust the length of the pipe to fit your reptile tank.

A double port s also included so you can fit two terraria at the same time.

A lot of amphibians and reptiles stand to benefit from this humidifier, so you do not have to worry about its compatibility with your pet.

For your pet’s safety, it shuts off automatically when the water is finished, and its detailed user manual makes it very easy to use.

It is also compatible for use with a lot of enclosures so you have nothing to worry about here.


  • It works quietly
  • Easy to fill the tank
  • Easy to use
  • Is compatible with a lot of reptiles and enclosures
  • Good water capacity of 2.2 liters
  • Automatic shut off when the tank is dry


  • Cleaning the inside of the humidifier can be difficult

2. Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier/Fogger

Water Volume: 2 litters | Weight: 2.2 pounds

This reptile humidifier works silently, has a sleek compact design, and is the perfect choice for your pet.

You can adjust the fog level up to 300ml per hour, and this is to satisfy your pet’s humidity needs no matter what it is.

A wide variety of reptiles and amphibians stand to benefit from this without any negative effect so compatibility with your pet is taken care of.

Having a tank capacity of 2 liters. It can hold a lot and serve you for a good period without needing a refill.

And when you do refill, it is easily done with low chances of spilling due to the no-spill valve.

The device shuts down when the tank is empty so be sure that even when you are looking, your pet is safe.

You do not need any special expertise to assemble this as it is easy to do with the detailed instruction.

Whether you use a vivarium, tank, cage, vision cage, plastic/PVC/glass cage, it is compatible with it.


  • It is well built and durable
  • The output is consistent
  • Runs without making noise and doesn’t disturb your peace
  • Shuts down when dry
  • Has a tank capacity of 2 liters


  • Refilling the tank requires you to take everything apart

3. Aiicioo Upgrade Reptile Humidifier Fogger

Water Volume: 3 litters | Weight: 2.2 pounds

This is another silent running humidifier that keeps your reptile’s enclosure moist without causing any disturbance to you.

Its 3-liter tank capacity allows run the device for a long period without the need to refill, giving you good performance and convenience.

You can adjust the mist level to what you want, giving you more control over the environment of your pet.

Even when you are not looking, your pet is safe as the device shuts down when the water is dry and comes back up when you refill the tank.

No chance for mistakes and accidents.


  • It silently humidifies the air of your pet’s habitat, creating no disturbance when you or pet sleeps
  • The large tank capacity takes away the stress of a regular refill
  • It shuts down when the tank is dry and only comes up after you have refilled it


  • The warranty is only for a month

4. Coospider Reptile Fogger

Water Volume: 3 ​litters | Weight: 2.5 pounds

This is another good example of an ultrasonic reptile humidifier that makes the air moist without producing noise.

It is made to last longer and save you the cost of always fixing and replacing your humidifier.

The fog output is powerful and will surely meet the humidity needs of your pet as it fills the enclosure with an ultra-fine cool mist.

Coospider has an automatic shut off mechanism that ensures the device and your pet are safe when the water runs dry.


  • It produces a good amount of fog that your reptile’s enclosure needs
  • It has a one year warranty
  • The shutdown mechanism keeps the device and your pet safe when the water runs dry


  • The release mechanism prevents the entrance of water to the ultrasonic base to create the mist

5. Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Terrarium Mister

Weight: 2.7 pounds

And we will wrap it up with the Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Terrarium Mister.

It gives you more control with its programmable misting, Having four spray interval settings and settings for duration also.

You can more effectively meet the humidity needs of your pet reptile using this product and keep your pet healthy and happy.


  • It is fully programmable
  • Very easy to use
  • Portable and compact size


  • The spray end leaks easily

Things to Look Out For In a Good Reptile Humidifier

There are a lot of reptile humidifiers in the market and getting a good one can be a bit of a problem. For a humidifier to be considered good enough for you, it has to meet up with certain criteria and these are what you should look out for when shopping:

Tank Capacity: most humidifiers have tanks that are large and can take up a good amount of water. The larger the tank’s capacity, the less you will have to worry and stress about filling it up. The idea of having a humidifier is to make your reptile comfortable but this shouldn’t be a stress to you. So go for a large tank capacity so that you will have less need to fill up.

Extension Hose: the extension hose carries the water from the tank into the mister. The longer the hose is, the more flexible your humidifier will be as you will have room for any adjustments you need to make.

Automatic Shut Off: it is very important for the lifespan of your device and the safety of your pet to choose a device that has an automatic shutdown mechanism when the tank is dry. You may not be home or even watching to switch it off when the tank is dry and this will lead to the humidifier burning. So to be sure no accidents like this happen, you need a device that shuts down automatically.

Adjustable: different reptile species have different humidity needs. It will be wrong to purchase a device that has a low range of adjustments or to buy one that is not adjustable at all. An adjustable humidifier makes it easier to take care of the moisture level of your pet’s enclosure.

Other Ways to Create a Humid Terrarium

Use Glass

A mesh enclosure is great in providing good ventilation, but it also dries out the moisture content quickly. Using glass enclosures are good at keeping the humidity levels of terraria high.

Use a Porous Substrate

Porous substrates have the ability to absorb moisture and release it slowly when the humidity level drops.

Deep Soil

It is easier for shallow soil or bedding to dry out than for deep soil to dry out. So when filing the base of your pet’s enclosure, make it deep, no less than 3 inches.

Mix the Soil Regularly

Mixing the soil regularly brings the moist layers at the bottom to the surface and allows the soil to be rehydrated. If the soil is all dried out, add little water and mix again. Be careful with the moisture level of the soil as making it too marshy can encourage the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Mist Often

Regular misting of your tank is enough to keep the enclosure hydrated. Mist using room temperature water and mist at least 2 times a day.

Monitor The Enclosure’s Temperature

Monitor the temperature of the enclosure to be sure that it is good enough for the appropriate level of humidity. If it is too hot, the tank can dry out faster, and if it is too cold, it will prevent evaporation and saturation.

Commonly Asked Questions About Reptile Humidifiers

Q: Can I Use A Humidifier For My Snake?

Yes, you do and depending on the humidity needs of your snake, you can increase the humidity in two ways. You could either purchase a reptile humidifier and use in the snake’s enclosure, or create a moisture box and place your snake inside.

Q: Can I Use A Humidifier For My Chameleon?

Yes, you can. The level of humidity your chameleon needs depends on its species and the region you live in and to properly meet the humidity needs of your pet chameleon, you need to do good research and consult a specialist too.

Q: Is 75% Humidity Too High For Ball Pythons?

Ball pythons require humidity levels of 60% normally so 75% is too high. The only exception to this is during shedding as they require up to 80% during this period. Too much humidity can lead to respiratory infections so be careful.


And here you have it, the best reptile humidifiers you can find in the market. These products ensure that your pet reptile’s enclosure will be as comfortable and healthy for your pet as they require.

If you are confused about which product to go with, we will narrow it down to Oiibo Reptile Humidifier.

This product is very easy to use, has a good tank capacity and works silently. You have a range of humidity levels to choose from also.

We also highly recommend Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier and Fogger. It is a durable ultrasonic humidifier that comes with a shutdown mechanism when the tank is dry.

The water capacity is fairly large and takes away the stress of filling up constantly. No matter your choice, you will be impressed as these products have all proven to be exactly what your reptile’s enclosure needs.